Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy 11th Anniversary

We celebrated our Wedding anniversary in style this year. William really wasn't happy about the thought of going up in a helicopter and Jack said "I don't want to go" but once they had the safety talk they were both good to go.  

It was amazing how quickly we were up over Canberra and seeing all the sights.


There was plenty of nervous tension in the air as we prepared for the auction of our beautiful home. Stu mowed the lawn while I re-mopped and vacuumed the already immaculate house. It felt just like our wedding day as we were stepping into the unknown. There was so much preparation, expense and lead up to the day. Even Home Beautiful magazines laid strategically on the coffee table!

Stu and I went for a walk while potential buyers registered and we were delighted to hear 4 registered bidders were there. We met Hugh the auctioneer and were happy with his "I'm going to get every cent out of them I can" attitude.

It was all off to a good start and within 15 minutes it was all over and done with and 3 little children came running in to their new home. There was champagne all round!

Baby Shower

William and I took a short road trip to Goulburn for a baby party. Lake George was looking like a real lake after all the rain we've seen over the past month.  

The baby shower was heaps of fun. William and Molly made some colourful baby clothes.

Here are the Mummies absolutely glowing.

We went and saw Tori after the party and she was so happy to see us. She didn't leave our side the whole time we were there.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Another Saturday and another open home. We quickly shined all the taps, mopped the floors and then headed out for a road trip to Amigos.

The sun was out and the boys ran straight into the surf. When they started to shiver and turn blue we dried off and headed for the rock pools.

This is my combination plate and it was melt in my mouth delicious!

The boys enjoyed mocktails.

We visited a beautiful temple on our return home. Sam enjoyed meditation in front of the lily pond. Jack and William made a wish for a new house which cost $10. We had a peaceful cup of ginger tea and some vegetarian dumplings too.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Watchorn Close

So after 2 weeks of work the results look just fabulous. The house and the yard have never looked so beautiful.

Stuart and I took a quiet day to oil the deck and it looks enormous without the extra furniture.  

I had a lot of fun buying beautiful pieces to make it all look modern and chic. 

Joel's paint work is flawless and the kitchen looks magazine style. For a 20 year old kitchen it is doing very well.

The carpet only went in late on the night before the photos were due to be taken. It was a very long evening putting beds together and vacuuming again. All of the cushions and throw rugs really make it picture perfect.

The boys were happy with their made over bedrooms and seeing it all come together made them want to move back in.