Monday, January 20, 2014

National Museum

These cheeky boys had the most awesome time at the Museum this morning.

Portrait Gallery

I love the self portraits they sketched at the National Portrait Gallery holiday program this week. 
 Jack even added the detail of the shirt that Nanna gave him for his birthday. He thinks Nanna is kinda cool buying him a Swap Force shirt.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jack turns 7

There was much anticipation but January 18th finally arrived! Jack opened a few awesome gifts and had his favourite breakfast of lemon and sugar crepes.

He asked for a kitten but he was thrilled to get a fish tank and of course he was super-keen on setting it up straight away.

 We met all of our favourite people at Big Splash. William was a show off and went up and down the water slides and after Jack gained confidence he was jumping in the deep end and swimming back to the edge.

Stu organised a delicious lunch for all and carted eskies, towels and presents to and from the car with a smile on his face despite the 40 degrees. 

Jack said I made the 'Best cake EVER!' and all agreed it was delicious. 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

William's Birthday in Woolongong

William was very surprised to find that Stu and I had arranged for presents in the hotel for his birthday morning. "How did you get them here?" he said.

We had the most delicious buffet breakfast before heading to the pool. The boys swam for an hour before we headed off to the beach. 

We found the most beautiful rock pool where the boys could swim in shallow water and watch the colourful marine fish darting around their legs. 

William's Birthday Extravaganza

 William started out his birthday celebrations with a big new bed and a trip to Jamberoo.

Grace shares her birthday the day before William so they both blew out minion cupcake candles at Jamberoo before they ran off to the water. Grace was off to the funnel web ride and William loved the wave pool. I will store the memory of William with karate-arms yelling 'HERE COME THE WAVES' and never forget their faces. Jack and William both loved the wave pool so much they hardly left there all day.  

The hotel room was very impressive with a separate room for the boys, a pool and a restaurant. 

We enjoyed William's favourite for dinner. AMIGOS Mexican in Woolongong was awesome. The boys enjoyed their first mocktails. 

Random Holiday Fun

Fishing Day Trip

It was the perfect weather to take off to Batemans Bay for a day of fishing and it only took a couple of hours before we had our catch. Jack was so excited to catch a brim within the first 10 minutes and Stu was thrilled with his flat head. William didn't enjoy the waiting game so he chopped up bait prawns into tiny pieces and fed the fish that he could see under the Jetty. 

Holiday Cousins

Arrabella is at the perfect age to play with the boys. Her favourite toy is the garden hose and she takes great delight in trying to wet the boys with it. 

Arrabella and Jack get along famously. Jack adores her and follows him around, smiling and chatting. He loves to sing to her, 'If your happy and you know it.'