Sunday, June 24, 2012

Play Time

William is random sometimes. He made this bed up while I was cooking dinner.

The boys made their own play dough and opened up a donut shop. Their inspiration came from one of their favourite iPad apps, Donut Maker.

Tori is quickly worn out by running around after the boys and soaks up some winter sun.

Magic Jack - M Day dress up for school.
Jack casts a spell to make Tori disappear!

Toni Brockliss sent the boys this amazing table tent and the boys have played in it every afternoon since it arrived.

Jack gets his ears fixed

After a few ear infections, a burst ear drum and a failed hearing check, Jack went back to Dr Albekka the ENT specialist and he decided Jack would benefit from grommets. It was with some hesitation that we agreed because after Dr Albekka removed his tonsils he was in awful pain for over a week. He assured us there would be no pain this time and although he still had a general anesthetic the procedure would be quicker and Jack's hearing would be restored.  

Dr Albekka was right and Jack and Mum enjoyed his 'recovery day' watching Puss In Boots on DvD. We had pancakes and a milk shake for lunch.

The nurses were quite impressed with our patient. He was very brave and willingly jumped up onto the operating table and went to sleep. An hour after his surgery he was telling them all about how we were going to have a special day and watch a movie "just Mum and Jack."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend fun

We spent the weekend in the shop they created. Hours of fun. William is becoming a lot more fun for Jack to role play with as he takes on different characters. Below he is playing the 'shop keeper.' 

At trash and treasure we scored a bike which Jack rode all the way back to the furthest car park. In the afternoon they rode it to the park to collect fire wood from under the trees. We completed the weekend with a perfectly cooked roast pork, carrots, potato bake, olive batard and an enormous chocolate cake which grandpa bought for dessert. The boys were quite proud of the fire they had created so despite the temperature dropping to 8 degrees we dined outside. It was magic. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Portrait of Brothers - Remembering

9 times out of ten they actually look just like this to me. They sit next to each other on the couch and hold hands in the car. Jack cheers for William's potty success and William cries when Jack gets dropped off for a birthday party. I am proud of them every day for the little things they do. Jack received 3 awards at school on Friday and William hasn't had an 'accident' at daycare for nearly a month.

They genuinely love and care for each other and today I found them ganging up against me in an argument over which brand of sultana was the best! I am always receiving compliments from strangers on their deep blue eyes and olive skin. Even people who know them well comment on how much they look alike. They are very different though, William the sensitive guy and Jack the entertainer. I can't imagine them all grown up but I know I will miss these days when they are still small enough that I can carry them through the rain. I feel twice blessed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bike Ride around Yarralumla

This photo shows William's silent protest to getting his photo taken. Ha Ha William!

Will and Jack both loved riding around Weston Park. We rode to the Yarralumla Heritage Nursery and around the lake. We enjoyed a 'milkshake break' at The Oaks Brasserie and then rode back to the bbq's for a gourmet picnic lunch and a train ride. The Train driver told us all about an extension to his cafe and a new bike path will be laid in the next couple of months so we will definitely venture there again. The children's water and sound park is worth going for alone. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Sleep Over

 Jack and Will were very excited to have their first sleep over at Sam's house. It was very reassuring to get these pictures sent to my phone so I had no worries about how they were going. They both had so much fun they were asking when the next sleep over would be before we even left. Thanks Jules, John & Sam.

Happy 21st Erin