Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Snow on The Brindies

We went on a spontaneous trip to the Brindabellas after school and work today. William was super excited but both boys fell asleep on the 40 minute drive up the mountain. We found the mountains dusted with snow and we were able to make our way through the orienteering track near Picadillly Circus until the sun was almost down. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adelaide to Port Augusta - Birthday Tour

When the opportunity arose to travel with work to South Australia and research what the SA schools were doing to improve outcomes for Aboriginal kids I was keen to put my hand up. 9 teachers from our cluster schools went on the adventure and we were welcomed into 3 urban schools in Adelaide and 3 schools in Port Augusta. 

We met some of the Aboriginal elders on our first visit and heard their stories. 'Uncle Jim' left Sherberg and trained in boxing back in his day and was keen to chat about engaging the families of the school where he mentors young aboriginal teens.

At an urban primary school the Principal gave us a tour. We were quite amazed with his yabby breeding tanks and the agriculture program.

The 3.5hr drive to Port Augusta was beautiful and the Principal of a local school with 99% aboriginal students showed us around the town. We enjoyed a coffee at the Botanical Gardens followed by a drive to the foot of the Flinders Ranges and an insightful visit through the Aboriginal mission.  

Saturday was warm and we went for a short walk down to Alligator Gorge. When we were back in Adelaide we stayed up until midnight for my birthday and enjoyed a debrief on our adventures.  

It was wonderful to come home to the boys who showered me with hugs, presents, home made cards and a malteser cake. The best part was the tidy house, empty washing baskets and happy faces of course.

Random Fun


After a very busy few weeks back at work I've finally made the time to upload some of our most recent and random memories.