Sunday, May 17, 2015

Million Paws Minions

Canberra turned on the most spectacular Autumn day for the 2015 million paws walk and Tori's sister, Rosie came along for the first time.

The minions brought smiles to so many faces. 

Arrabella came over just the weekend before and spent Mother's Day morning with us. She loves cooking and painting. Jack and William love to dote over her.

Isn't she lovely!

I took the photo below of Stu helping Jack and William completing their spellodrome homework just to show how times have changed. We were all stumped on Jack's crossword. Even 'google' couldn't figure it out.

Baby Charlotte

Our baby chick is just over a week old and she survived the frosty -5C morning this week without a worry. When the sun came out this weekend mother and baby were very happy to get out and about. William was very excited about their first outing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Love Story

Eventually our rooster, Uncle Ice Cream made too much noise and had to move to a new home at Bemboka. 

We regularly checked the couple's eggs for fertilisation but that didn't occur until the very day after he left. We noticed the magic, pale white "bulls eye" on the spot in the yolk. 

Unfortunately by the time we realised the eggs would be fertilised our hen was already sitting tight  on one lonely egg and she refused to lay anymore. She had already lost her husband so she was holding onto his legacy. 

We checked the egg and after only 4 days you could see a little embryo starting to form. 

Exactly 21 days later we checked under the hen and baby Charlotte was born.

 Needless to say the boys are over the moon and so excited about their baby. William said, 'Isn't it great we got a home made chicken!"

Soccer Stars

The winter uniforms came out and the cold foggy mornings started early. The first game of the soccer season started with drizzle but quickly turned into a spectacular morning. 

The Freddo Frog Pee Wee team played enthusiastically and William was a star on the field.  

Jack got right in on the action with the Blue Tongues. It was great to meet up with his team from last year. 

We visited Molly & Oscar's new house in the wide open spaces of Braidwood. They sure have a beautiful front yard!