Wednesday, November 20, 2013

8.2.13- 12.11.13 Nolan Phillip Sampson

Baby Nolan passed away peacefully in his sleep last week. I can't imagine how life will go on for his parents. I believe, for the most part we are given the hand we can deal. No one understands and it's impossible to guess why.

I'm glad they loved Mum's reading of 'The Next Place.' It is a beautiful story by Warren Hanson.

Busy Day

It was a busy day on Monday with 6 children running around! Jack and William both loved taking care of Arrabella. Jack particularly enjoyed holding her hands to help her walk and making faces that she could copy. She said 'ma ma ma' all day and happily went for a long nap in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. William gave her a bottle and sandwich for lunch which she loved.

It was an exhausting day and the kids all eventually joined Arrabella in the baby-play area and Lollipops before we left. Stu made a delicious dinner for all. 

Gye's Birthday at Burrinjuck

We set off after work on Friday for a weekend at Burrinjuck for Gye's birthday. The boys were excited and packed all week in anticipation. William was besotted with 3 week old baby Carter and he cuddled him at every chance he could. 

The dam was choppy and cold but we braved the waters in the canoe and paddled out quite a distance, found a relatively sheltered location and threw the lines out. After a while William asked for a snack and I opened the bag and discovered my beloved Nikon was in the bag. We started paddling back to shore and a wave came along which pushed us over. The Nikon, my favourite Gucci sunglasses, the iphone and Stu's wedding ring all took a dive 400 meters to the bottom of the dam. Luckily the boys and I were all wearing life jackets which really did save our lives. The water was freezing but it wasn't too long before a boat came along, picked the boys straight out of the water and towed the boat, Stu and I back to shore. What a drama!

Burrinjuck is less than 90 minutes from home and it was a really great place to relax. William said 'that was so much fun' as we headed out on Sunday. Less than 5 minutes later they were both sound asleep and didn't wake up until we were home. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Random William

Stuart thinks he will be an engineer one day. I like to think he will be a doctor. It really doesn't matter but it is fun to imagine what he will become. 

It's a good thing he is super cute because he really does make us crazy with his 'little boss' attitude sometimes. "It's all about William" he told us so today. 

Joey Scout

Jack has had a bout of asthma and allergy related sickness. On a positive note we were able to take a couple of days off to recover which involved watching movies on the couch and taking Tori for short walks. 

He absolutely loves the joey scouts. They have an excellent program and every week is something awesome. 2 weeks ago they were pulling apart electronics.

J.J the scout mascot has followed us around for the last week.  

At Greening Australia they planted 60 native trees each.


Sculptures by the Sea

It was the most magnificent day at Bondi and the boys were thrilled to be there with around a million others on the last weekend of sculptures by the sea.

Within minutes of arrival (after getting the best rosk-star car park ever) William ran to the sand and began his castle construction. He really didn't want to go to the pool but it turned out to be an excellent way to avoid the crowd for a while and have a civilized and very tasty lunch.