Sunday, March 30, 2014

A very wet week

It rained and it rained all week. It was a good thing for the heating on the deck. Stu made 1/2 pounder burgers for John's birthday. All were impressed with the quality and quantity of the burgers.

William wore gumboots and took his umbrella to preschool every day and he still managed to come home muddy and damp. After school he told us how much he loved the rain, the puddles, the boots and umbrellas. 

We took the Yabbi net down to Uriarra but the rain caused the river to flow too fast. There were no yabbies to be found but they did manage to catch a guppy that Jack named 'Trixie.' He held in in a container all the way home and popped it into his aquarium.

We started slow on Sunday with boiled eggs for breakfast. 

 I always encouraged them to keep a 'lovey' as babies but no particular toy ever took until now. Jack's Snowy and William's Tigeey get so much love. Snowy is even smuggled into the school bag from time to time. Tonight they made them both beds and William patted Tigeey to sleep. How sweet.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zucchinis and Onesies

William was thrilled to pull this massive zucchini out of the garden this week. We made the most delicious chocolate, walnut and zucchini muffins too. 

Jack is up on all the latest fashions. He was so excited to get a onesie!

Sky Fire

Janet picked the best spot, right on the lake with the best view of the fireworks we've ever had. There was some dark cloud and a drop of rain but it all held off until we were in the car park and on our way home. Luck!

William has been signing his name and writing numbers on every piece of paper he finds. Below he signed a birthday card by himself for the first time. Jack helped him write all the rest. 

 We had a quiet Sunday night. Tacos for dinner and a sunset walk. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Canberra Day Weekend at Durras

Jack was really looking forward to a 3 day fishing trip and William was thrilled to find a beach cabin. He sneakily took his cheese and biscuits to bed. Stu cooked a delicious roast chicken on the kettle drum bbq and we scored the best weather all weekend. 

In between fishing and beach trips William rode his bike around the block while Jack preferred to play battleships and chess. William got quite tricky on his two wheels, riding while standing on the pedals. Then putting his feet on the handle bars and even riding with his eyes closed!?

When he "ran out of power" he refueled with a Cornetto from the store across from the park. 

The fish were biting and we caught 10 on the first trip. Two of those were keepers and we took them straight back to the cabin for lunch.

Jack was quite chuffed that he was the 'expert' fisherman and William, who was happy to be the helper on the first trip, wanted to go back the next day and wind in his own fish!

We watched 'Cat in the Hat' at the park cinema before riding back to the cabin. William was pretty excited to find kangaroos.

In case you were wondering, I was there too. When I wasn't baiting hooks I was in the waves.