Sunday, March 22, 2015

Go the SWANS!

Jules took Jack to his first AFL game and he absolutely loved it. He came home adorned in the red and the white and a story of victory!

Jules has to be GOD MOTHER of the year!

Walking With Dinosaurs

At the very last minute we were lucky enough to be given some tickets to see Walking With Dinosaurs. We cancelled our swimming lessons and hair cuts and jumped in the car to make the 3pm show. 

The boys were super excited and had no idea what they were in store for. 

The opening scene had them captivated as some tiny eggs hatched. One of the babies was quickly snapped up by a raptor which absolutely shocked William!

The size of the brachiosaurus was hugely impressive and the set changed dramatically to show the difference in the dinosaur periods.

The T-Rex was saved until last and his roar vibrated the entire arena. The fight scenes and storm scenes kept us on the edge of our seats. It was an amazing show!

We stopped by Sizzler before hitting the road again and both boys had 2 helpings of ice cream which instantly gave them a sugar high. Spoilt!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Harmony Day Awards

Stu was very proud to be there when both Jack and William received Awards at the school assembly today. 

I'm sure they have both grown an inch in the last couple of months and their gorgeous faces have changed, looking so much older. I wish they would stop growing up!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Whole School Prayer Time

William had one of the first speaking parts at whole school prayer time on Friday. He spoke clearly and remembered his part beautifully. Nanna and Arrabella came to watch too which was just lovely. 

Birthday Parties, Balloon Spectacular & Sky Fire

We had the most epic weekend which started with a birthday party at Skyzone for Jack's friend, Pat. It was so wonderful that Pat's Mum catered for Jack with everything GF. Jack was so relieved! 

We got up early to meet Arrabella and Aunty Erin at the balloon spectacular. It was still dark when we left the house which really annoyed William, who just wanted to go back to bed.

It was a lovely coincidence to run into the Majors and the Peeks at Arrabella's Yoda balloon.

Baby chook is starting to get some interesting colours in her feathers and she started laying just last week.

We met these crazy boys at Skyfire and had the most gorgeous weather all weekend. We love this city!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meeting Tommy

Jack and William were very insistent that we meet Tommy before he grows too fast. William was first to jump onto the couch for a cuddle. 

Jack was a little unsure about Tommy at first and asked lots of questions. He eventually came around and held Tommy long enough to put him back to sleep.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Newcastle and The Eagles Concert

We hurried off to Newcastle after work on Friday to make the most of the Canberra Day long weekend. The boys were very excited about visiting The Australian Shark and Ray Centre which was a fantastic experience despite the exorbitant entry fee of $45 each.  

Jack and Sam were very brave about venturing into the water on their own. William decided to take caution and feed the sharks and rays from the edge.

While the boys were kept busy with a babysitter back at the hotel we ventured out to Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley for The Eagles Concert. We had the most fantastic weather for the outdoor concert and Juliette treated us all to the Hope Estate luxury hampers for dinner.

The Eagles under the stars were just amazing. Their music has certainly stood the test of time and they were definitely the coolest 60 year old men around. It was a shame the evening was tainted by a drunken guy who sat next to Stu and was eventually dragged off (because he couldn't stand) by the police. The seats were already a bit too close for comfort but as soon as he was gone we had plenty of room.

We ventured out to the Brokenwood winery and enjoyed a tour the next day. The boys were not the slightest bit interested but kept each other amused throughout the tour.

We explored the Majors Lane Smokehouse Cafe for lunch and were amazed with their beautiful platters of smoked meats.

The wine country views were all stunning. 

The pool at the Crowne Plaza was perfect and the boys enjoyed their sunset swim. William asked if they could stay until midnight.

The juice machine was the highlight of the buffet breakfast and then we were back in the pool of course.

After a long week and huge weekend it was just lovely to sit by the pool for half of the day while the hotel staff bought out water and lunch. What a treat! Even Stu was relaxed.