Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moving Day

Nanna threw random toys out the window and William knew exactly what needed to be done.

Jack entertained Molly and Oscar and they ran around in the most beautiful nearly-spring weather.

Jack and William bought lunch to Pop's house. They had been looking forward to the car ride all week in anticipation of trying out the new dvd player.

William and Oscar were getting along quite well and certainly keeping me busy!

Jack loves Pop's dogs and he especially loves the chooks. Here is William trying not to smile.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy Times

We saw Molly & Oscar at the Fun Factory this weekend. William braved the bigger ball pit and I enjoyed a cappuccino.

The boys love fondue so much that we bought a Max Brenner set for home. The middle dish has water and keeps the chocolate warm and delicious.

We spent the afternoon at the dog park and William rode around the deck about 50 times. He never gets tired of his trike.

Jack was well enough for soccer but swimming lessons are canceled until he can see the specialist for his ears.

Jack helped at my work to feed the 3 week old calves. They were especially cute and friendly.

30th Birthday

I was spoilt for 4 days for my 30th Birthday this year! It all started with a Harry Potter mud cake at work and my favourite chicken & mushroom risotto for dinner shared with 5 of my favourite Duncan boys. Stu also made a chocolate tart with butterscotch sauce and double cream. It was delicious.

The Motbey's had a shared party with Oscar and Uncle Mike. We had a party food feast.

Jack had a terrible night with pain in his ear. His ear drum burst in the morning but after a full day of antibiotics he was feeling well enough to party on Saturday night.

Th highlight of the party was a margarita machine. Everyone came with masks, Stu made ribs and chicken wings. We drank margaritas till midnight and still had some left for the next day.

Jules made the Masquerade cake and it was a masterpiece. I was wondering why I waited 9 years since the last birthday party I had so I've already put the margarita machine on hold for next year!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bike Park

Even William was impressed with the sunset over Canberra from the Bike Park this afternoon.

Despite it being near freezing it was a good opportunity to get outside and try out my birthday present from America. I'm loving these crisp images from the Nikon digital SLR.

The bike park is good fun too.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jack's Preschool Portrait

Here is a portrait of my 4 year old preschooler. His teacher says he loves to learn and he is always sitting up the front and asking good questions. I have been so proud since his Dad went away that he has been dressing himself, feeding the dog and helping clean up after dinner. He has grown 5cms in the last 6 months and his teacher tells me he is certainly ready for school.

It makes me a bit sad that I am letting him go. 5 whole days a week! I won't be there to hug him when he falls or open his popper juice so that it doesn't spill. Who will his friends be and what will he learn? It's still 6 months away but it seems too soon. When did my baby get to be so tall?