Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Stu & Rohan

For Stu's birthday the boys whispered all week about the surprised they had planned. They bought at least a dozen artworks home 'For Dad's birthday' and there were some secretive meetings in Jack's room involving sticky tape and wrapping paper. We had a quiet family dinner with Grandpa away but we made up for it with an Adults Only private room booked at Chairman and Yip. 

The boys helped to make this 4 layer chocolate cake with Swiss chocolate meringue butter cream and fresh raspberries.  William hand picked the balloon bouquet to look just like a rainbow.

Jack brings in the bins every Thursday but this week he decided to multitask and bring both bins up at the same time. Random, I know.

Both boys had the most wonderful time at Rohan's 4th - Pirate Birthday despite the weather changing to -3 this morning. It was freezing!

Million Paws Walk, Cakes for Dottie and Mother's Day

I had plenty of help to make these beautiful cakes for 2 year old Dottie. 

We had the most beautiful day for Tori's annual MPW. She ran into her sister, Gidget who had to run onto the stage to perform some tricks. Jack walked the whole 5kms in 1.5 hours and without stopping and Tori enjoyed it so much she could have done it again. 


Mother's Day bought this beautiful surprise, brunch with the Majors and some perfectly poached eggs.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grandpa's car and the Garbage Truck

We've had the week from hell. Really. Stu crashed Grandpa's car into a garbage truck and William has a perforated ear drum and both ears infected. Jack suffered shock from the accident but otherwise no one was hurt. Grandpa was awfully fond of his car so was pretty unhappy to hear the damage came to $16000.

Just to top it all off my iphone dies. Despite all the stress, Jack and Will are still happy enough when Will's fever is under control.
It never rains but it pours.