Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Floriade was stunning as usual when we ventured out on Saturday. It was a perfect 22C which meant that parking was a bit of an issue. We parked miles away on the city but made the most of the free shuttle service.

Tommy & Me

Tommy is absolutely adorable at six months old. I wish he didn't have to grow any bigger!

Fishing Trip

Tori seems to know when something is going on and we are abandoning her for the day. Look at that face!

The boys had a great time fishing with Rohan and Drew. They fished for 2 hours solid until there were a few snagged and knotted up lines. Drew caught a Brim within the first 5 minutes and it was a big one but just undersize so we threw him back. Rohan caught the puffer fish above then William caught him again about 15 minutes later.

Jack caught the baby puffer then it was off to Surf Beach for ice cream and kites. 

Fathers Day, Rock Climbing and the end of Soccer Season

Stu is exceeding expectations of good health and we are still so thankful for that. He had a lovely father's day brunch at Riccardos with all the Urban-Family.  

The boys were proud to receive their soccer trophies last weekend. They had a fantastic season and were both placed in excellent teams.

Last weekend William went to a rock climbing birthday party which he greatly enjoyed. The kindergarten class went to the zoo the next day and had a wonderful time.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Feeling Better

Jack has been sick with bronchitis and asthma for over 4 weeks. As the weather warms up he gets better every day. They were so happy to have a long overdue sleep over with Sam. 

The chickens have been causing trouble, digging holes and pooping on the drive way so we added some modifications to their home to keep them in more often.

The nest boxes got curtains and the roost was raised. William made the tiny little window curtains all by himself.

Stu installed the auto drinker which has been the best upgrade yet. No more dirty chook water and it only needs to filled once a week!

Happy 70th Birthday Grandpa

The boys were amazed by the pig on the spit rotisserie and they watched it spin for hours in preparation for Grandpa's 70th Birthday party. 

We had the most lovely dinner with all of Grandpa's friends and neighbours. It was a lovely mild night and the first weekend of spring.  

It was a good thing that Grandpa invited all of the neighbours which allowed us to let off a few fireworks to mark the occasion.

William and the Fox

William was the fox from Hattie and the Fox at his school assembly.

Will bought Paddy the class mascot home for a week and he had a great time posing for photos with him. We took Paddy to Max Brenner for a super special treat!