Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Boogie Boards on Waikiki Beach

We hit the waves at Waikiki this morning after Jules cooked Spam, eggs and bagels for breakfast. We hired boogie boards and the boys paddled out and surfed back in for hours. 

Jules and I cut our feet up on the rocks, iodine and bandaids were required! The boys kept pretty clear of the rocks and continued to have a great time.

It was William's first time on a board and he paddled right out and washed back to shore laughing the whole way.

Jack was pretty awesome riding the waves into shore with a huge grin on his face. 

Sam was pretty chilled and has embraced the Hawaiian motto "hang loose."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another day in Paradise and a Luau

We started off our day at Denny's American diner. William had chocolate chip pancakes and sausages right off the kids menu. It gave us plenty of energy to go shopping!

It drizzled a bit on our 2 hour walk back to the hotel. We required caffeine and a light lunch before heading out to the pool on the 6th floor.

William had fusion sushi for lunch which was as bad as it looks. 2 little hot dogs on rice. Yuk! The sun came out in time for a swim. 

William rested on the bus out to Paradise Cove and was handed a non-alcoholic mai tai as soon as he stepped off the bus.

The boys enjoyed the spear throwing, tattoos, lei making and climbing around the rock pools before dinner.  

There was a ceremony to unveil the pork from the underground oven and we said a prayer together before we ate. The buffet was enormous with more food than you could imagine. Jack was happy with the GF options and William enjoyed the dessert. William, Sam, Juliette and I learnt how to do a hula dance on the stage and were presented with certificates for our achievements.

The scenery was picturesque and we valued every moment as we watched the sunset. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunset dinner cruise

On our way back from Hanuma Bay this afternoon William lost another tooth!

The sunsets in Hawaii are spectacular. The sun goes down like a great ball of red fire over the ocean. It was magnificent to see.

The boys loved the boat and the buffet part of the experience too. The dancing was fun and they each had a virgin Pina Colada.

Hanuma Bay

It rained heavily at Hanuma Bay just a short time before we arrived there at 9.30 this morning. I have to say it is the most magical place on earth. 

There are wild chickens and roosters that greet you as you arrive. 

The shuttle that takes you up and down the steep decline. 

When you get the the bottom of the mountain there are cats and mongoose too. 

But the most awesome part of the journey is definitely under the water where we found the most amazing tropical fish and coral.

The boys snorkelled for 3 hours before they became exhausted. It was a good thing the shuttle was there to help us up the hill again. Jack was positively amazed at the fish we saw and duck dived down to the bottom and up again. William was very confident to swim right with a noodle under his arms. It was definitely the best part of the trip so far.