Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sunday morning and William thinks it's a crack up to wake Jack by jumping in his bed. Luckily, Jack also thought it was pretty funny.

Happy Birthday Kai & Tayliah

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Look

Minus 8

Yesterday was the coldest morning in Canberra in 17 years. When I was taking my first roll call at 9am it was still -5C. Everything was frozen over. COLD!

Grandpa made us fish and chips and William had a haircut. It was a long week with Dad being away. William and Jack went to daycare and preschool for 5 days.

Even ninjas like fish and chips.

It was till -3 when soccer started this morning but William didn't seem to mind.

Jack thinks the new coach is awesome because she is from America and he knows exactly where that is.

The boys had a great time with Sam and Ellen at the bike park. They rode bikes and played for 2hours until it was getting too cold again.

Hope it warms up soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A busy weekend

On Saturday Jack and Kai went to see one of their most favourite books on stage. The performance was amazing and the kids loved it.

William and Sam went to the bike park.

It was a bit special taking my big boy to the theatre for the first time.

We caught up for lunch with Blake and Drew too. The boys had a fun time playing in the under cover park while it was 4C and pouring with rain outside.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



They had a great time at Questacon. Jack was ok with the thunder but the earthquake house made him quiet.

William didn't go quiet once. He ran around the place like he owned it. It was a good thing that Jules and Janet were there to show Jack the exhibits because I spent the whole time following William so he could randomly press every button he could find.

They all had a good turn of the hover craft but William didn't enjoy it until he had it to himself.

Jack was very excited to find these giant telescopes. 'I've got one of these.' I still don't get why he loves them so much.

William loved it. Every minute.

Jack was absorbing the information, learning and yelling out to, 'Bethany. Come check this out!'

We had a great time but missed you heaps. Tomorrow is The Gruffalo. Very excited about that!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silly Monkey

William was spoilt today. He had a lunch and shopping date with Ellen and Mum while Jack was at Preschool. When we arrived home there was a gorgeous hand crocheted beanie in the mail.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Update

Jack and William have been brushing their teeth AND eating their vegetables every. single. night. Jack thinks Daddy would be so happy.

I grew tired of wrestling with William while hand washing and teeth brushing so I bought him a step. He thinks it's great that he can look Jack in the eye. He has brushed his teeth about 50 times since we got the step.

Monday, July 18, 2011

For Stu

We miss you SO MUCH!

Thank you for leaving us with a clean fish tank. It's better than ever. Hopefully we'll find time to get some more fish before you get home.

William has been so funny for the last few days when it's time to kiss everyone goodnight he looks around the house for Dad to say goodnight. Aunty Erin came over for dinner last night. You would have been proud of Jack eating all his spinach. Jack and I made spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni and it was delish!

This morning there were pancakes and baby chinos for breakfast as it was pouring with rain and only 3C outside.

We had boring sandwiches for lunch but then we made these for afternoon tea and some to take to Blake's house tomorrow.

We were so glad to finally talk to you on skype yesterday and today. We are crossing the days off until you come home and Jack has his world map so he knows where 'Amerwica' is.

We have been taking Tori for a walk every afternoon to see the ducks. Today we stopped by the park too.

LOVE Bec, Jack & Will

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Shower

Jack was excited to take his baby toys and the ginger bread and baby cupcakes we made all the way to Bemboka for Aunty Leasa's Baby Shower.

Molly, Jack, Oscar and William played outside for hours with Uncle Danny's dog while the Aunties and Nannas had a delicious afternoon tea and talked all things 'baby'.

William loved the chooks while Molly and Jack loved throwing the ball to the dog.

Aunty Leasa & her sister are just a bit excited about this baby!

Little Jacob just loved the camera. Right before I took this photo he was crying but as soon as the camera came out he gave a bit 'cheese.'

Molly and Jack ate cupcakes in betweeen running around outside.

Aunty Ren made the beautiful bassinet. It's only 7 weeks until the baby comes and we are ready!