Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Shower

Jack was excited to take his baby toys and the ginger bread and baby cupcakes we made all the way to Bemboka for Aunty Leasa's Baby Shower.

Molly, Jack, Oscar and William played outside for hours with Uncle Danny's dog while the Aunties and Nannas had a delicious afternoon tea and talked all things 'baby'.

William loved the chooks while Molly and Jack loved throwing the ball to the dog.

Aunty Leasa & her sister are just a bit excited about this baby!

Little Jacob just loved the camera. Right before I took this photo he was crying but as soon as the camera came out he gave a bit 'cheese.'

Molly and Jack ate cupcakes in betweeen running around outside.

Aunty Ren made the beautiful bassinet. It's only 7 weeks until the baby comes and we are ready!

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