Monday, March 25, 2013

The week that was

 My cheeky boys have had a great week. Jack has been religious about doing his home reading and William has settled into Wiradjuri so well. 

 We celebreated Juliette getting her Masters in Education with dinner at The Boat House. The food was exquisite, just as it was the last time we dined there together just 9 years ago.

Jack said the promise and joined the scouts. He has made a bunch of new friends and loves the action packed activities run by the leaders, Seal and Penguin.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sky Fire 25

After a busy Saturday we packed our picnic and set off for the fireworks. We got close enough to a 'rock star car park' at 6pm and took our own gas bbq for a sausage sizzle while we watched the sun set over Lake Burley Griffin. William was taken by the marching band and cannon display.

The boys played for hours under and enormous tree collecting acorns and break dancing. As it got darker the torches and glow sticks made for great entertainment. 

The playlist was upbeat and the boys especially enjoyed 'Gangnam Style' and 'Boom, Shake The Room.'

Sunday, March 10, 2013

William starts Preschool

William started at UC Wiradjuri Daycare/Preschool this week. All of his teachers remembered Jack and William when he was a baby. There weren't any tears as William was eager to get into all the new toys and activities. One of the teachers that also taught Jack instantly noticed that although they look alike they are completely different. Jack, the serious child and William much more relaxed. 

The Wiradjuri blog is a great insight into what the children get up to during the day. 

Party Party

 Happy Birthday to Matthew and Kieran! Jack and William had the most awesome time at your parties today.

Canberra Centenary

The boys enjoyed building a cardboard city at 'We Built This City.' We followed it up with a picnic at Regatta Point and then went to enjoy the Enlighten Festival activities in the Parliamentary Triangle after dark.


 3 days at Jindabyne with 150 eager Year 7 students and 6 of those students with special needs was great fun. We had the perfect weather for the 6.5 km up hill walk to the highest point in Australia and it was nice to come home to a long hot shower and a peanut butter pie to share with my boys.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Rush!

In amongst the weekend rush Stu and I found a moment to ourselves. Jack was given his first trophy marking the end of the cricket season and William found some stilts at a garage sale. I'm not sure how it got to March so quickly but the leaves are falling and the weather had a chill to it this morning. 

Goodbye Rose

 Rose has been a special part of Jack and William's lives for the past 5 years. She has given the boys so many wonderful experiences while they have been in her care. They always came home well rested and loved with clean faces and stories of adventures to the park and playgroup.

Rose has loved Jack and William like they were her own boys. She always gave them first choice for days and never took a sick day herself in 5 years. She is the only one who says 'William is so different to Jack' because she knows them better than anyone. Ashleigh, Rose's daughter bought William a special lunch on his last day and we all had a tear when it was time to go.

 But William starts at UC daycare/preschool next week and the hours and location will make things easier being so close to Jack's school. We will miss Rose so much and I think she might miss them too.