Sunday, July 12, 2015

Corin Forest

Snow fell all over the mountains on a Sunday which was just perfect. We headed up to Corin Forest and snow fell as we drank hot chocolate and built a snow man. 

William built this mini snow man and named him Henry. He is currently living in our freezer because Will didn't want to leave him behind.

Winter School Holidays

School holidays started with Jackie playing at half time on Mckellar Soccer Field under the big lights.  

The boys spent a day inside sorting out the lego and they did a fantastic job. 

We spent a morning at CISAC pretending it wasn't so cold outside. 

We made it to Kippax in less than 15 minutes and without any stops. 

Grandpa bought us all lunch and the boys enjoyed iced chocolate drinks and ice creams.  

Nanna, Pop and Uncle Mike took the big kids to see Minions and they had a fantastic time. 

In between times we found some winter sun and some Geocaches. 

The boys made mosaics at a Bunnings workshop. 

And we passed some time at iPlay. 

We've had a fantastic week and we've still got another week to go!