Tuesday, December 31, 2013

INCAS, Big Splash and the Stay at Home Holiday

After all the Lego was finally built we were allowed to venture out to the National Gallery to visit the INCA exhibition. The boys were impressed with the pieces enough but they absolutely loved the family room with hands on exhibits. 

We had a lovey lunch with cheesy William at the Raider's Club. Jack hired Tad, The Lost Explorer to add to the excitement about the INCA gold.

We even enjoyed a cool afternoon at Big Splash. Best holiday ever!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

After opening all of the amazing gifts that Santa left the boys also found a massive trampoline in the backyard. Jack spent the morning putting lego together while William was playing with his Hot Wheels car track. We were then off to Grandpa's house for a roast lunch with all the trimmings. Stu made 3kgs of chicken wings with ranch. 

 After lunch we were off to Queanbeyan to deliver more gifts and enjoy the cool day (22C.)

Boxing day started with walking some of the calories of yesterday off while some of us lazed on the couch.  


Then a trip to Bemboka which started off hot and ended with a storm. 

 Jack got what he wanted from Santa - a hot dog maker and Sky Landers Swap Force so after we hit the sales he made us lunch.

Canberra Lights

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Summer Baby

In theory William was excited to visit Santa in the mall but when we got to the front of the line he took a few steps backwards and had to be bribed strongly encouraged to even go near the jolly man. 

The boys were super excited to babysit Arrabella for a couple of hours on Friday afternoon. They baby proofed the house, arranged suitable baby-snacks and got out the wading pool for her to play in. 

We seem to spend the majority of the weekend out on the deck in summer. How did we ever live without the deck?