Sunday, June 16, 2013

Winter Love

William spends most of the weekend keeping up with the pace of the older kids. He does most things well before Jack did at a similar age. He just moved up to K2 in swimming, he plays SkyLanders, gets his own snacks, draws pictures with stick people, sings the ABC and recognises W every time he sees it.  

We took a break from the fast lane this weekend and spent most of our time playing in the backyard with Tori and riding bikes and skateboards around the street. The boys made a Pet Shop with their toys and role played all morning. Later in the day the trampoline became a fishing boat. I love to sit back and listen to the dialogue of their imagination.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mount Coree and Flea Creak

We took an adventure into the clouds after seeing Elizabeth & Matthew's gigantic new home. Mount Coree was high in the clouds and the boys enjoyed the atmosphere despite the missing view. 

It's been some time since we visited Flea Creak and some of the river crossing was repaired so the water wasn't running across the road but the boys still managed to find some mud. Elizabeth was also quite happy to find some mud. Eventually the gum boots came off and we gave up any hope of trying to keep them dry. They were having too much fun. 

Molly turns 5


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Good Fun

 Friday afternoon and it's too cold to run around outside so we enjoy a baby chino and some warm cinnamon donuts.

 William's favorite part of our week is swimming. He is a fish in the water. 

  We had the most delicious breakfast after Grace's Eucharist. William was amazed with the mass and gazed at the priest with awe. He sat (mostly) still for the one hour mass and Grace was glad to have such a great support team.

Jack loves his scouts and the kids made the most awesome bird feeders this week. Penguin and Seal are great role models and put in so much effort to give the joeys quality activities each week. 

After working such long hours this week and being so busy it was lovely for the boys to cook an old favorite for dinner.