Thursday, January 27, 2011

Air Drying Clay

Mister Maker is always talking about 'air drying clay' so Jack was over the moon when he found some in the new $2 shop at the mall.

The pen monsters were so easy and what a great introduction to clay.

He is so 'four' today.

One day perhaps he will have his clay on exhibit like this piece made by Max who is a local artist receiving many awards and many $$$$ for her amazing work.

William steals his first kiss

Maryanne and Elizabeth dropped by this afternoon. After finishing his afternoon tea William toddled up to Elizabeth, bent down to her level and kissed her right on the lips and then ran off. Moments after that he took the play phone and held it to his ear and walked around the house talking to the phone. He is acting like a teenager already!

Jack is still exhausted after having an allergic reaction to some food after his birthday. He came up in hives and had to have a course of antihistamines, steroids and cortisone to heal his skin. He was so good and sat very still for his allergy test which showed he is allergic to peanuts, prawns, cows milk, chicken and corn. They all made him very itchy! So the combination of peanut butter toast, prawn cocktails and iced chocolate for his birthday set off a reaction. WE POISONED OUR SON FOR HIS BIRTHDAY.

This afternoon he told me he didn't need a nap so I let him watch tv. 5 minutes later he was sound asleep. I can't remember him EVER falling asleep on the couch before so he must be truly exhausted.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dog Wash

Here is the best dog washer boy I know.

And William has figured out how to go backwards on his birthday bike but we are still working on going forwards.

It's been 35C for the last 2 days and when we aren't hanging out at a pool we are in the courtyard and getting wet and sandy. It's like their own private beach in there! Tori is also a big fan of getting wet and she jumps right in the pool with them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jack's Birthday Party

Jack was the King of Lollipops today. He thought he was something pretty special!

Even Elizabeth was impressed.

He had an ice cream cake and 16 of his buddies to play with at lollipops.

The girls had a good time watching the fun.

Jack's favourite place is the barrel of injuries.

They played a quick game of musical chairs before running back out to enjoy the playground.

Mum and Dad enjoyed the fact that there would be no cleaning up!

All the kids had a fantastic time.

They all bought such wonderful gifts too and Jack has been so spoilt.

On the way home both boys fell asleep, so exhausted.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Splash

It was finally warm enough to enjoy big splash today. I think the boys cheeks will be sore from smiling so much. They giggled and splashed for over to 2 hours. I'll need a double expresso stat.

It was heaps of fun!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cranky Bill Duncan

William gets frustrated with everything. If he isn't directly involved in the action then he wants to be NOW. In years to come the will probably call him 'cranky Bill Duncan' who is way too much like his grandfather.

He can also be so funny. He has recently started dancing every time he hears music. He laughs and laughs at Jack and he makes Jack laugh too.

The way to William's heart is with water and food. He drinks water like a fish and plays happily in the bath or baby pool for over an hour. Fruit is his favourite thing to eat. Even above cake!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

William wins

As you can see William has won the argument over the Dyson that was delivered for Jack's Birthday yesterday.

Jack thought it was hilarious that William was so in love with his vaccum that even touching it made William shriek. So after fighting it out and trying to teach William about sharing ALL DAY Jack just gave up. William is so in love with this vaccum that he cleaned all the floors before putting it safely beside his cot.

Jack had better things to do anyways. Here he is after setting up the worm farm which he also got for his birthday. He has 5 pet worms and he has names for them all. He gave them dinner and put them to bed. He was very worried when we left them at home to go to the corner shop and he wanted them to sleep beside him but mum has rules about worms. Worms stay outside!

William had spaghetti on toast for dinner. Do you think I could get a picture of his face today?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Mister Maker

Jack got a Mister Maker book for his birthday so now we are busy working through the craft projects.

4 year olds are so much nicer than 3 year olds :)

The Best Birthday Ever

Jack played with his new lego for 2 hours this morning while William slept. He made a car and a little house.

He said he couldn't wait to bite into his lego cake.

The Dyson arrived just in time but unfortunately William has taken quite a liking to it and followed Jack around. Every time Jack stopped to empty the vaccum William tried to run off with it. William is developing quite an attitude and below you can see the fists he pulls out when he isn't getting what he wants.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jack is 4

Our big pre school boy is 4 today. He has a lego cake and a tub of 4+ lego for his birthday. His dad is so proud he has finally graduated to real lego after years of duplo and lego 2-5. Real lego!

He loves his cake too and is sharing it with the boys tonight. Grandpa and the uncles along with Sam and John. It will be prawn cocktails by his request.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

William's 4WD adventure

There was no doubt William had a great time 4WD'ing down to Flea Creek. Jack and Molly were holding hands in the back seat while William clapped his hands and sat up to see out the window.

Aunty Rach was proud of her yabby and screamed like a girl as she brought it up for the kids to see.

Jack and Dad built a fire and cooked a sausage sizzle for lunch.

And then of course the 4WD cake was a big hit with the boys. When we first showed it to him he said, 'What's this? Car!'

While the oldies sat around drinking cups of tea and taking a nap the kids ran in and out of the creek.

The birthday boy was all worn out and slept under a gum tree while his big brother went looking to catch the big one.

They had an awesome time and it was something special that Molly and Oscar could come all the way from Victoria to join the fun.

William was totally loved and spoilt today.
Thanks so much for his pressies and for spending the day with the Duncans!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look who's here for William's Birthday!



We had a great time at the pool this morning and William just wanted to run and dive face-first into the water. Molly ran up and down the slides 20 times. Jack and Oscar (the sensible ones) splashed and ran through the bubbles.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

William's First Birthday

William was not in the mood to sit still for his 12 month picture today so here he is with a mouth full of toast.

Or a dummy. That worked for about 20 seconds.

This is probably why he was so excited. He got his first bike which Jack helped to put together and wrap last night. He doesn't quite get the hype but he sure knows that it's all about WILLIAM today!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!