Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home Time

While the boys water the vegie patch and ride in circles around the drive way it's given us a chance to get things done which takes so much longer with only one parent at home.

Stu cleaned the garage and built some shelves. They took him over an hour to put together as they came with about 100 nuts and bolts but they are very strong and can hold 50kgs on each shelf! Thanks Mum.

I used my Christmas gift voucher to buy this awesome memory foam pillow (thanks Stan) it's like sleeping on a cloud. Aunty Ren is an expert on manchester and she and Uncle Mike bought us this beautiful King size quilt cover and the new feather down quilt was from Nan and Pop. My bed is so comfortable I never want to get out of it!

The grass has stopped growing so fast but it's still lush and green. The gardens are looking gorgeous.

And I had some time to paint William's bed side table. It's much more trendy in race-car blue.

We are having our friends over for dinner and hanging out. It's been a relaxing week!

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