Monday, May 12, 2014

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday

Elizabeth had the most awesome Elf & Fairy party. Maryanne and Gye had obviously spent some time in planning out the ideal party games, home made treats and even craft activities!

William thought the party games were great and he was super excited to win a Freddo.

3 Stars and a Wish

They say good things come in 3 and we've had some good karma happening lately. Stu got a new job and a nice promotion. Nanna came to Mother's Day mass and Jack built some 3D puzzles with Pop after his crohn's surgery.

Stu bought a BRAND NEW car and it smells so good.

Then to top it all off one of my lovely students left me a box of flowers for Mother's Day.  

And the wish? I only wish we could get home before it was dark.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Soccer Game

The boys seemed excited and nervous about their first game. Jack had only met the team and coach once on gala day so I was blown away by how quickly he jumped onto the field with the U7 Blue Tounges and started chasing and kicking the ball. 

He was proud that the team drew 2 goals each.

William's peewee team is called "Cherry Ripe" and they met for the first time on the field. One of the Dads jumped in to coach the 4/5 &6 year olds as they played on the field. Will was the most excited about soccer and he was very quiet before the game started but once it did he just knew what to do. He darted back and forth chasing the ball at full speed. I was really impressed!