Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Beginnings

Stu drove his brand new Triton home on Thursday which signifies so much more to us than just 4 wheels. 6 months seizure free means that Stu is far less likely to experience more seizures. The effects of the accident on his memory and concentration have improved a lot. 

The convenience of having a second car in Canberra means that Stu will have an extra 2 hours (previously spent on the bus) every week day. TEN hours more in every week! 

This particular car opens up a world of opportunity. It easily fits 4 bikes or all the camping gear to go away. Stu says the Triton is a "proper" 4WD and the 2015/16 model has everything that wants. We could go anywhere! 

Last days of summer holidays

We packed so much into the last week of holiday time and made the most of every moment. 

William's triops lived 4 weeks and grew to 5cms before dying of old age. We went for a bike ride every other day.

We were absolutely soaked after this big ride through the pouring rain. 

We climbed half way up mount Ainslie but we left it too late in the day to make it to the top. 

We picked Nanna's potatoes. 

We learnt how to play Yahtzee. 

We put together 8 wooden 3D dinosaurs. 

Hotel Transylvania 2 was on at the open air cinema and we had the best time. 

We all played mini golf and William ate 3 cups of ice cream. 

Rowan, Drew & Sam met us at muffin break for the FREE cookie workshop.   

AND we met the cousins for 10 pin bowling and a picnic dinner by the lake. 

Happy Australia Day

Jules cooked lamb on the webber for a classic Australia Day barbie. 

The kids swam for hours and there were plenty of smiles when Jack brought out these "Koalas in the Creek."

Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Pearl buttons and George


Buttons, Pearl and George

Oliver and Winnie, Pebbles, Celsie, Roxy, Summer, Pearl and baby Opal

Pearl and buttons


Roxy and Daisy

Happy Birthday William

William has been counting down the days until his birthday since January began and the day finally came. The timing for the arrival of the pool couldn't have been better with Canberra at 37C today and 39C tomorrow. Aren't the water balloons that fill in 60 seconds fantastic?

William was super excited to have all the Duncans over for dinner. He requested chicken nuggets and croquets for dinner and an R2D2 cake.

He has grown so much in the last year. Stu says, "he has become quite a character." He has the typical Duncan temper and dry sense of humour. He still loves being outside and is always active. He has a love of food and especially cheese but he doesn't like anything green. He isn't shy or anxious and he gets a sparkle in his eye when he tells a good story. He loves his chickens and still feeds them and collects their eggs everyday. Will loved the pool but his favourite present was the Jelly Belly Beans which he shared with everyone.