Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Canberra Show

The boys had the most awesome day at the Canberra Show. The farmyard nursery was interesting but the cows, bulls, horses and wood chopping were the most exciting for them this year.

William, the daredevil sat at the front of the little roller coaster and Jack (who reluctantly agreed to accompany Will for the ride) sat right up the back. I thought that was such a true reflection of how different they both are in character.

Uncle Mike was smiling from ear to ear on the hurricane ride. I would have been sick but he loved every minute and would have done it again!

 It was a perfect Canberra day so we enjoyed the entertainment in the main arena while eating a delicious lunch, sushi for Jack and pizza for William. William was completely amazed by the motorbikes and monster trucks while Jack had a huge grin and cheered them on. As it started to heat up we grabbed a shaved ice drink in a ridiculous sipper cup.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy Busy

  It's been a busy, busy start to the school year but the boys are really enjoying being back into the routine. We started the job chart last year but it needed some refining this year so more choice and responsibilities were added. It really surprised me how keen they were to wipe the kitchen cupboards and take out the recycling!

We've had a few hot days which required runs under the sprinkler.  

Stu's car needed some TLC so William was thrilled to ride his bike from the lake to Pre-School. He was very confident about heading back to Wiradjuri and the staff noted how proud he was to be one of the big kids now.

Valentines day bought a special surprise, a movie and dinner. 

Happy 50th Birthday Nanna

The boys were excited to see Nan for her birthday dinner. It's not easy to get a great photo of them in their best shirts on such a rainy day. It rained and it poured all weekend.  

Everyone played pass the baby with Arrabella loving all of the attention. She helped William to finish his chicken and chips. She also helped Jack to finish his lasange.

While waiting for the mains to be served the boys kept themselves amused. Arrabella took great delight in marking the paper with bright colours. I really was quite proud of them, sitting patiently for a 3 hour dinner in a crowded restaurant. Bella Vista was very family-friendly and they served the children very efficiently. 

 It was wonderful to see the Sydney family who came all the way especially for the birthday dinner. Tina made a delicious white mud cake.

Jack & William enjoyed a swing in the birthday chair too!