Friday, August 17, 2012

Jack's first Assembly Talk

After rehearsing his 'Juggling Jim' speech for nearly a week Jack was excited to speak at his school assembly. 

He even received a Harmony Award for good work in Reading groups. We were the proudest parents!

Birthday Surprises

The first and largest of the surprises came in the form of this handy trailer from the Motbey side. Stu organised to go into work late so he could make crepes for the birthday breakfast. Jack and William picked some beautiful silver earrings and Stu made fresh raspberry icecream to layer in his first chocolate fudge cake. It was by far the most delicious cake that we ever ate.

Other surprises were my Weight Watchers story being published, winning a meat tray and Jack bought Winnie home for the birthday weekend! Stan and the boys took me out to our favourite Indian Restaurant and Jules cooked ricotta and egg ravioli in a sage and butter sauce which was amazing. 

I have been thoroughly spoilt and I'm still looking forward to the 'On Red' Restaurant experience which is booked for tomorrow!