Sunday, July 29, 2012


 As soon as the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olympics was over we took ourselves out for a picnic by the lake. The boys are obviously looking much healthier and it was so warm in the sun.

 We took Tori to the Dog Park and down to the lake for a drink. She desperately wanted to jump in but Jack told her it was too cold. The boys gave her a wash and blow dry at Pet Barn and her coat was shiny once more.

      I love the Duplo dog park they made together. Jack ensured the fencing was good while William worked on the toilet block.  

Colds and Flu

 William's flu turned into an ear infection and a whole week recovering at home was to follow. Jack was also recovering from bronchitis and the whole house was very sad and miserable. The nights have been long and smell strongly of Vicks.

The boys were stuck inside all week with hardly any energy. These are some of the things we did to cheer them up and keep them amused. 

Ever since he saw the wild horses in the snow he has become quite obsessed. Tara would be proud of how he keeps his stables. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Curry Night

 Jules and John hosted Curry Night and Stu made an authentic Jamaican Goat Curry. There were so many great curries and the Margaritas were flowing. Kirsty and Simon bought the chocolate fountain which had everyone reaching for sticks of fruit and mashmellows to cover with oozy warm, milk chocolate. Jack and William were both suitably impressed.

William came down with the flu later today and Jack has been running around after him, giving cuddles and juice when needed. They are the sweetest boys when the other is sick. William has never been so sick and miserable but the doctor confirmed it was just a horrible flu which requires plenly of fluids, panadol and rest.

Play School Concert

Jay and Abby presented the annual Play School concert at Albert Hall and they were positively brilliant. Jay provided many laughs for the parents and Abby's singing is even better than the more widely know Play School Presenter, Justine.

William and I were completely shocked when Jay came up from behind and sang to William. Can you tell by my face?

William has only started to view television in the last month and he chooses Play School as the only program to watch. It was not surprising to see the awe stuck face when he saw the real presenters singing on the stage. Jack took great delight in seeing how amazed William was by the whole show. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dinosaur Museum

Sam, Rowan, Drew, Jack and William discovered the Dinosaur Museum this morning. The last time I went to the dinosaur museum was years ago and it was dark, cold and very boring for those who didn't care to read about each dinosaur. The boys loved the new animatronic and fibreglass dinosaur replicas. William said all morning he was 'scared' but when he got there he had a fantastic time and especially loved playing hide and seek in the dinosaur park. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Round of applause!!

Jack had his post-surgery hearing check at Canberra Audiology today and took home a photo of one of his grommets as a souvenir. He passed his hearing check and the grommets were both healing beautifully. For the next 12 months he should be ear-infection free. He was most excited to have the doctor say that he could go back to his swimming lessons on Monday. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snowy Mountain Adventure

After a short nap the boys awoke to the Yarrangobilly Caves entrance where Jack decided it was a bad idea to look in the caves, "because bears AND bats live in caves!" Well, we managed to convince him to check it out with us but Stuart thought he would probably kiss the ground when he found the exit. He was in quite a rush to find the day light. William on the other hand was talking about the horses the whole way through.

We drove along Lake Eucumbene at Sunset before dining at the Snow Goose Motel which was packed full of families at 6 o'clock. We were luckily seated next to another family with 2 boys the same ages as Jack and Will. The young boys were instantly the best of friends and off to the games area to compare the snow stories of the day. The counter style meals were fresh, hot and delicious and exactly what we needed after a big day of adventure.

The Alpine Tourist Park was our cozy snow cabin and it was the perfect hide away. The only thing missing was the big trout which we intend to find next trip at the Eucumbene trout farm.

Mount Selwyn

Jack and William approached the snow this year with much more enthusiasm than last year when the visibility was low and the winds were high. This year the weather was perfect. Jack has let go of his fear of slides and ran up and down the toboggan run at least 10 times before wearing out. 

William's favourite part was seeing the wild horses on the way in and as soon as he got to the snow he built a snow-horse and rode it for the best part of an hour. He talked about the horsey-ride for the rest of the day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Elizabeth & Matty

Jack looked after the little kids and 4 month old baby Matthew.

 Elizabeth and cheesy William took their baby and a picnic basket full of play-sandwiches in their pretend car to the shops. I would be quite happy to have Elizabeth as my daughter in law! They played so happily even way past the usual bed time.

Jack tickled Matthew and he cooed. They grow up to quickly, they really do.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

First week of Winter Holidays

William has been moving furniture to make buses and boats.

When it rained and it poured we cancelled the bike ride for watching 'Brave' at Hoyts followed by a Sushi Train lunch.

The boys had dinner with Samuel for his birthday. They played Lego and had a great time. So many boys!

The picture above is the 'games room' at the Gungahlin library. The boys thought this library was far superior to our local one. They had a small smart board with Letter Land and cleverly designed furniture in the children's section.  

Planes have been flying in and out regularly. 
Catch-ups are the best part about holidays and we've had plenty of those. The boys had a lovely time with Amelia at Adore Tea.