Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snowy Mountain Adventure

After a short nap the boys awoke to the Yarrangobilly Caves entrance where Jack decided it was a bad idea to look in the caves, "because bears AND bats live in caves!" Well, we managed to convince him to check it out with us but Stuart thought he would probably kiss the ground when he found the exit. He was in quite a rush to find the day light. William on the other hand was talking about the horses the whole way through.

We drove along Lake Eucumbene at Sunset before dining at the Snow Goose Motel which was packed full of families at 6 o'clock. We were luckily seated next to another family with 2 boys the same ages as Jack and Will. The young boys were instantly the best of friends and off to the games area to compare the snow stories of the day. The counter style meals were fresh, hot and delicious and exactly what we needed after a big day of adventure.

The Alpine Tourist Park was our cozy snow cabin and it was the perfect hide away. The only thing missing was the big trout which we intend to find next trip at the Eucumbene trout farm.

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