Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bike Park

It was freezing at the Stromlo Bike park but Jules packed hot chocolate and we rugged up like we were going to the snow.
We had plenty of snacks for every 3 times they rode around the track they came back to re-fuel.
And when they weren't bike riding they were playing with duplo. I love these little dinosaurs!

While William Naps

William naps for at least 2 hours every afternoon which is the perfect opportunity for Jack and I to get out all of the small and breakable toys that William is too little to play with. The STAR WARS box is a favourite. Inspired by Uncle James.
My fridge is covered in colouring in pictures.
And the duplo is a regular feature on the little table. The kids next door visit and watch Harry Potter or ride bikes around the drive way but mostly it's just Jack and Mum time.

More Holiday Fun Times

While the holiday mode continues. Jack relaxes in random trees.
William has been pointing at Dad. Naughty 2 year old!
Eggs Benedict and freshly squeezed orange juice at CREAM in the city for breakfast.
Jack and William especially loved the discovery room at the War memorial. Jack learnt a lot about war and weapons. William learnt to point at his brother and say 'pew pew.'

We were rained out of Tidbinbilla just after the sausages were cooked. Luckily there were plenty of dry places to sit.
Mum and Dad enjoyed an amazing 5 course dinner for two at The Chairman and Yip. Dessert alone was an amazing experience. Chocolate and Candied Orange Mousse with caramel and gold leaf, Apricot and Almond Semifreddo with poached pears and a pandan syrup. 

Friday, April 20, 2012


It was a shame William was too fast to photograph!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pirate Movie!

It's a special thing to have Mum & Dad home at the same time because Dad works every weekend so we made it special with a trip to the movies.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Jack created a dinosaur world while William napped on Friday.

When William woke up he created his own dinosaur land.

Easter Sunday with added cute factor

Here is the added cute factor.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday/ Easter Saturday

The easter bunny made a visit to Jack's school and Rose's house.

At the last minute we hopped on the Easter Steam Train. It was heaps of fun. William was amazed by the whole thing.

We had morning tea on the train, bananas and chocolate milk shakes.

William sat like this for the first 30 minutes, too scared to move.
It was only in the last 10 minutes that he was game enough to poke his head up. He said, 'Look Mum!' and pointed disapprovingly at the boy across from us who had his whole head out of the window.

We took our chicky cupcakes to Beth & Grace's house for a bbq lunch. 24 chicky cakes were gone within minutes. Jack stayed on and played all afternoon.