Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dancing Bill

Stu says this video depicts William 'owning the place.'

That's Stu's old phone he dances with and then puts in his little cart and takes off with.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Jack was super excited about the show this year and knew exactly where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do. Mum failed to mention before we set off that it wasn't ALL ABOUT JACK. So he was a bit disappointed when we were looking at things that didn't interest him but he coped with it all well. They were both super silly and excited before we even went through the gate.

They loved the farmyard Nursery and it's great to compare to 2008 when Jack was the same age as William.

We saw all of the animals and craft and then had hot chips for lunch. William ate a whole bucket to himself and Jack and I shared one.

Jack and I went on the dodgem cars and Jack screamed as we crashed into the other cars.

Jack really loved seeing the firetrucks and police motorbikes. He met a real fireman and asked some great questions about how the truck all worked.

William choose the boat for his ride and Jack somehow managed to sneak onto this ride too. William loved the boats so much he didn't want to get off.

We had a great day and were so lucky that Stu could come too. On the way out Jack snapped up the Diego showbag. SPOILT!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One thing and another - for Jen

William is becoming accustomed to daycare for 3 days a week. He has got 5 new teeth all in the last 3 weeks! Is that a record? Stu is finding caring for 2 boys on Monday & Tuesday hectic and a lot less relaxing than when he just had Jack at home. I don't think he has sat down at all for the last 2 days before 9pm but he is keeping up the pace and doing a great job.

William waves goodbye always with a little pout face. Stu said he dragged his vacuum around the house all day like he owned the place while I was at work today.

Jack had another haircut and he loves being pampered. Even he, was impressed with the amount of hair on the floor after the cut. He also started soccer again this term with his friend Blake. They played a great game in the heat and were red faced and exhausted after.

Since changing Jack's diet his excema has almost completely gone. We have eliminated peanuts, prawns, cows milk and corn. I made the fantactic quiches on the weekend. I even impressed Stu. I cook with Goat's milk and he doesn't even notice.

And here is the 'before' shot of the deck. This picture was actually taken when we first moved in 6 years ago. I was going to take a photo of it as it was before the demolition but I wasn't fast enough and Stu had already taken his hammer to it when I got home from work.

And this is after the deconstruction. The boys also took out 3 big trees to make room for the 6 x4mt deck which will be finished in a couple of weeks! Gye took out his jack hammer and chainsaw and within an hour the deck was completely gone. That man is fast!

Thanks Gye and John for getting your hands dirty.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dream a little dream of me

Jack was in awe of this ceramic sculpture I bought home on Friday afternoon. Remember the post about air drying clay? Well Maxine Price actually read reference we made to her sculptures in the blog and her beautiful daughter (who also has 2 boys) offered to drop one off for us.

We are taken away by kindness and generosity and absolutely thrilled to enjoy this magnificent piece in our own home.

She has inspired us to 'Dream a Little Dream' and she has also helped with watching over the chicks. Check out the website. The pieces are all one of a kind and absolutely amazing.

Baby Chooks

It was very exciting to get a phone call on Friday morning before we left for work that our babies had FINALLY been born.

We have 6 Golden Laced Sebrights for Pop in Bemboka. A very late Christmas present.

And here is what they will look like all grown up...

William was entraced by them and Jack just wanted to take care of their every need. He was right onto the light/food/water when we got home and he hand picked every chick.

Below are the Partridge Wyandotte Bantams for Nan in Queanbeyan.

And when they grow up they will look just like cartoon chooks.

Not chicken related. Things became very quiet while I was making lunch. Next time I'll use a firmer grip to turn the hose off.

Love weekends!

Events of the Week

Jack and William are not going to be those hero kids who dial 000 when thier parent gets injured. On Friday afternoon everyone was tired from a long week and William was tugging at my skirt and yelling at me to pick him up so while rushing to slice potatos I sliced my finger. Thank goodness I was able to dial Nanna's number who was only 10 minutes away. The phone got a little bloody but help was on it's way.

It turns out I didn't even need a stitch so I was a bit disappointing! Hopefully posting the above photos will evoke some more sympathy because I haven't got ANY from William or Jack!

And here are the sleep over boys watching a movie in Blake's double bed.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Weekends

After getting a small taste of cyclone Yasi last night and over a week of temperatures over 35 there was a sudden cool change today. The boys both have colds after the first week of care. It was bound to happen. So we took a leisurely stroll through the hall markets and picked up some beautiful local produce. Also a new collar and some treats for Tori, some extra virgin olive oil and goats milk cream for Jack. We are really thinking we should buy a goat for this weird kid that drinks only goats milk and requires goat soap and cream for his super sensitive skin.

William cried and cried yesterday afternoon and we discovered 2 molars had just pierced through his gums on top of the smaller tooth he got on the bottom last week. So that's 3 teeth in ONE WEEK. He wasn't too sure about the car ride below but once I gave him his dummy he enjoyed it and in the end he didn't want to get off.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day

The Duncan boys had their first day at daycare and Preschool today. William was running out the door with his cereal to start his day without any idea of what what going on. He had a big frown as he waved goodbye to us all.

Jack woke up and said, 'I'm so excited Mum. I'm going to Pre school.'

He happily waved goodbye and told us he was going to play with his new friends.