Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Weekends

After getting a small taste of cyclone Yasi last night and over a week of temperatures over 35 there was a sudden cool change today. The boys both have colds after the first week of care. It was bound to happen. So we took a leisurely stroll through the hall markets and picked up some beautiful local produce. Also a new collar and some treats for Tori, some extra virgin olive oil and goats milk cream for Jack. We are really thinking we should buy a goat for this weird kid that drinks only goats milk and requires goat soap and cream for his super sensitive skin.

William cried and cried yesterday afternoon and we discovered 2 molars had just pierced through his gums on top of the smaller tooth he got on the bottom last week. So that's 3 teeth in ONE WEEK. He wasn't too sure about the car ride below but once I gave him his dummy he enjoyed it and in the end he didn't want to get off.

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