Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Holiday Birthdays

Sam's 8th birthday was a Pokemon extravagansa and Juliette had thought of everything.

It is a good thing that we have so many holiday birthdays so that we have plenty of time to create master piece cakes.

We were lucky that Aunty Ruth and her family travelled from Ballina and Woolongong to celebrate Aunty Ruth's 90th birthday. We dined at Grazing at Gundaroo and it really was something special. They catered perfectly for the children too and a 4 hour lunch went by in no time at all. It was a good thing that I packed UNO!

The chocolate cake was very rich and delicious. We've had so much cake this week!

School Holiday Madness

It has been as cold as ever in Canberra this week but we've enjoyed our winter break more than ever. It even snowed at home on Wednesday morning. 

Nanna completely spoilt us all with Finding Dory at the movies, a visit to Flip Out and a beautiful lunch at Adore Tea. 


It was lovely to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of chai tea. Molly and William had hot choco-TEA with marshmallows.

Jack and William had beanie photos taken to raise money for the cerebral palsy alliance.

The boys took over the kitchen and made the most delicious and silky pasta. William took control of the sauce which he said was "just so lovely." Stuart gave them both a 10. 

Friday, July 8, 2016


It's been a while since we travelled up to the snow but when we got there it was like nothing had changed at all. It rained and it poured from Cooma heading up to Selwyn but luckily when we got there it all stopped and we were able to enjoy the day without getting too wet.

It was Alex's first time at the snow and Jasmine hadn't been since she was little. Alex had this huge smile all day.

Jack said on the way "I'm not tobogganing" but as soon as he saw the others going up and down the hill he was on his way too.

William ran up and down the hill the first few times and then he slowed down like he was running out of battery power. We recharged him with snow cones and hot chips.

Simon loved the snow and the boys thought it was hilarious when we spilled some cordial to make it look like a crime scene.

Jack and William attempted to make a snow man on their own but the snow was too icy.

The snow man was much more effective when there was a team effort.