Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Floors

 We said goodbye to the Cichlid tank and the carpet and had bamboo floating timber floors and a fresh coat of paint put in the lounge room. There was a fair bit of work involved in moving out, cleaning and painting but the whole house feels fresh and more open.

Party Party Party

 It was Feyja the Maltese puppy's first birthday on Saturday and Tori, Jack and Will had a lovely time with more than a dozen of Feyja's friends. 

John & Jules hosted another fantastic theme night, 'Octoberfest' and Stu had plenty of WOW factor with his pork knuckles. 

We had a fabulous team at the Step up for Down Syndrome walk.

 And Jack lost another tooth!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


The cousins had a great day touring Bemboka. William was "Are we nearly there yet?" before we left Canberra but happily watched dvds until we got half way down the Brown Mountain when he got upset because his ears were blocked. "Me can't hear anything!" 

It got quite hot and Molly was the first one wet, the boys quickly followed her example. 

They found 4 kittens while waiting for dinner. They were quite intrigued by each other and the kittens seemed happy being cuddled like dolls. "This one's mine and this one's yours" They had all claimed one and begged to take them home. 

Busy Spring Holidays

We have had a busy and warm school holiday. Pop came home from a stay in hospital which ended his 3 week trip to Tasmania. There were a few trips to the pool and Bethany's 7th Birthday. It was wonderful to have time to bake a few cakes and make fresh pasta. The Furby cake was a huge success!

Night Fest at Floriade was well worth the trip. The green lazer lights were our favourite. 

 A few late nights with friends led to lazy mornings in pyjamas and a hot breakfast most days.

We started the spring cleaning with Tori getting a short back and sides at the dog-salon. The car was dropped off for a service on the only day it poured with rain.  

 We visited the spectacular playground at the newly opened Arboreum and went for a 7km bike ride around lake BG which was followed by a lake cruise.


 Jack played tennis for 3 days at the AIS which he loved while Stu and I were busy painting, washing windows and buying new floors. We got so carried away that we cleaned the pantry, oven, kitchen doors, garage, linen closet and then sorted out the boys drawers. We took a short break to plant the spring garden, beans, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, chillies and  corn. It's no wonder we're exhausted!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Floriade 2013

It was the first time in 6 years that we went to Floriade without a pram. Jack was wearing his new glasses and William rode his bike from the car park to the front gate.  

 It was great to spend such a gorgeous day with the nanna, aunty, uncle and cousins.