Monday, August 25, 2014

Soccer Saturday and Lego Sunday

Spring is just around the corner

A proposal!

Congratulations to Uncle James and Jess on their engagement. We are so excited for them! 

Book Week Costumes

These boys love books and dressing up! William's favourite at the moment is the Ninja Turtles. 

Jack spends hours reading How To Train Your Dragon along with the audible app. It's a fantastic story to listen too in David Tenant's best Viking accent.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Triple Birthday 33

It's always birthday madness in August with 3 birthdays all on the same day. I personally decided to embrace the onesie craze and buy my first adult sized onesie to wear to work for onesie day! I'm 33 so why not?

The Motbey family played 2 games of bowling followed by some air hockey. 

Even Arrabella had a few turns pushing her ball down the lane. She clapped every time someone knocked down some pins.

We enjoyed afternoon tea and danced around to the music videos. Stu bought his A game and Erin-the shark says, "I just got lucky."

Stan and the Duncan boys put on curries for dinner and Stu made this choc-orange marble cake. It was iced with my favourite, melted Terry's milk chocolate.

Mum and Dad absolutely spoilt me with the nespresso, some cake decorating cutters and an air brush to use on cakes!

And a lovely student delivered these beautiful roses!

Mike & Oscar had great birthdays too. Bowling was the highlight of it all!