Saturday, May 28, 2011

William's Day

William is constantly chasing magpies around the park. We thought we would give him a chance to appreciate the birds by feeding them a breakfast of worms and apples in Gold Creek. As you can see he was intrigued.

Pretty soon he was having a conversation with them.

After a long and busy day he had a warm bath. What a gorgeous face!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Soccer - Winter Season

It's a freezing 1 degree but the boys still love to get outside at 9am for soccer.

Jack scores and gets a really high five.

The kids in the winter season are all kitted up with the team shirts, shin pads, boots and socks. I have my flask of hot chocolate and beanie.

Yes, that is a shark playing with Jack today. Last week it was a tiger.

Jack's excited to have 'Soccer Gye' as his coach.

Jack is in the red beanie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stu's Birthday Weekend

Birthday Day 1
The Birthday Boy had a great party. The deck was warmed with a chiminea and a barbie, plenty of good friends and an amazing croquembouche made by Jules. Stu was spoil that is for sure!

Birthday Day 2
The boys made a chocolate fudge cake (thanks James) and William enjoyed his first beater. He "helped" with his own little bowl and spoon he copied everything that Jack did. The Birthday Day 2 dinner was with the Motbey's and the niece and nephew. He was spoilt again with cast iron cookware and a medium done steak for dinner.

Birthday Day 3
Jack took great care choosing socks and undies for his Dad's present. Then we enjoyed a Japanese dinner with the Duncan boys by Stu's request. The littlest Duncan boy was sick all day but managed to cheer up in time for dinner. The boys were so exhausted they were both sound asleep by 7.30. Uncle Andrew's birthday present was a gift of BABYSITTING - twice! Stu reckons that is the best his brothers have ever given him.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another day ready to go

3 days a week we pack these lunches with love and every time they come home empty or with half a snack left. How do these boys eat so much?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Table Tennis

Mother's Day

After being spoilt with a new coffee grinder, flowers and beautiful homemade cards we headed out for breakfast at the botanic gardens.

The boys had pancakes with caramel and banana.

Later in the day Stu got handy and put a tea towel rail in the cupboard and child locks on EVERY drawer and cupboard in the kitchen. Sorry William!

Pre School Learning Journey

Jack is so happy at Preschool and he was excited and lucky to have Mum, Dad & William to attend his learning Journey. He showed us his portfolio with all of his beautiful work and the wonderful teachers had linked it all to the new Australian curriculum and the early learning frameworks. There is certainly some brilliant teaching and learning happening at Jack's school.

His favourite activity is the Lego.

But when the children are invited to play outside Jack's teacher commented that he is always the first one with the hat and jumper on and lined up at the door. They have a beautiful play area and William is always excited to pick Jack up and have a play before we go.

The teacher's provided a bbq lunch.

And the children had such a civilized lunch.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Many Faces of William Tell

William has learnt to be funny. He goes out of his way to make us laugh. He understands what we ask him to do and is slowly outgrowing the 'unpacking stage' and he is starting to pick up his own crumbs and put his toys away.

Here he is following his idol. If Jack does it then William follows. Especially it seems, when the behaviors aren't desirable.

This is our favourite look when he is trying not to smile. He is so proud and funny.

He is carting his babies around with purpose. The 'busy' look.

And this is our LEAST favourite look. THE WORLD IS ENDING!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Talker

For the last few months Jack has been visiting Karen the speechie. It came as no surprise that Jack's speech was unclear as his dad and all 3 uncles ALL had speech when they were the same age. Karen was surprised that when Jack said words starting with F he replaced F with S. Apparently S is a harder sound to make. He had been telling everyone he was 'sore years old' forever. After 6 sessions he finally got it and has graduated speech therapy with every sound which he should have for his age. His preschool teachers and other adults have noticed the improvement and his confidence has grown.

We are so proud he can say F-words! Just hope he doesn't learn any we didn't plan for :)

Thanks Karen!