Monday, May 23, 2011

Stu's Birthday Weekend

Birthday Day 1
The Birthday Boy had a great party. The deck was warmed with a chiminea and a barbie, plenty of good friends and an amazing croquembouche made by Jules. Stu was spoil that is for sure!

Birthday Day 2
The boys made a chocolate fudge cake (thanks James) and William enjoyed his first beater. He "helped" with his own little bowl and spoon he copied everything that Jack did. The Birthday Day 2 dinner was with the Motbey's and the niece and nephew. He was spoilt again with cast iron cookware and a medium done steak for dinner.

Birthday Day 3
Jack took great care choosing socks and undies for his Dad's present. Then we enjoyed a Japanese dinner with the Duncan boys by Stu's request. The littlest Duncan boy was sick all day but managed to cheer up in time for dinner. The boys were so exhausted they were both sound asleep by 7.30. Uncle Andrew's birthday present was a gift of BABYSITTING - twice! Stu reckons that is the best his brothers have ever given him.

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