Friday, December 31, 2010

TOP 10 Favourtie Moments from 2010

1. Jack's 3rd Birthday Pool Party

2. William Gregory Duncan is born

3. William's Christening

4. Jack gets rid of his tonsils and doesn't get sick again!

4. Stu gets a 4WD for his birthday and we go for picnics and drive around the Brindabellas

5. Jack wins the cover of the Canberra Weekly

5. William learns to crawl and then to walk. He is a fast mover.

6. Being off work for the year means that mum can visit playgroup every week and go to the Hall markets every month. William and I also get to enjoy coffee with Elizabeth, Sam and Kieran at least weekly.

7. Urban Family dinners at the labour club.

8. Jack starts soccer and he is mad about it!

8. William's first Christmas and the best black forest cake we ever tasted!

10. Family holiday to the gold coast

11. Had to add another spot for Tori! We love that dog!

Who is William Duncan?

The Gold Coast area was primarily a thriving timber industry area in 1842. Loggers sort after the prized cedar wood. The wood was tied into rafts and floated down the rivers to meet the ocean going sailing ships.

These ships were able to berth as far up the rivers as Nerang and Oxenford in those days. Loggers Edmund Harper and William Duncan are credited as being the first home owners in Surfers Paradise in their hut opposite what is now Wharf Road.

New Years Eve

After breakfast we hit the waves at Mermaid Beach. The water was warm and the sun was hot.

It was William's first time at the beach and he immediately ran into the waves (and out again) without fear.

The park on the beach was beautifully shaded and only 100mtrs from our resort.

We gave William a good sleep while Dad checked out and Jack had his last swim in the pools then we hit the road and found William's park along the way.

We bought William his first pair of walking shoes and set off up Mount Tambourine.

Stu stopped by to taste all of the flavours at the distillery then we did the rainforest walk.

William was a big fan of the rainforest walk.


We managed to squeeze in a pizza for dinner with the Majors and had time to have baths and get changed into PJs before our flight home.

We even made it back in time for the Canberra
Fireworks but what an exhausting day!

Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sea World!

The boys have had the best day ever. They spent the day at Sea World.

They were in awe of the dolphins and the sharks in Shark Bay. Jack especially loved the dolphins and said they were AMAZING!

They cooled off in the water park and went up and down the slides 50 times before we had to drag Jack out to feed the sting rays.

William didn't want his hand held in the water. He just wanted to walk by himself until he dived in face first and was pulled out laughing away.

They both loved feeding the sting rays too.

We completed the most perfect day with a bbq by the pool right outside the door to our room. Eventually we were able to drag Jack out with wrinkled fingers and toes at 8pm.


After our first flight was canceled we went home and came back the next day. The boys eventually fell asleep waiting for the plane which was delayed by an hour leaving a very short connection time in Sydney but that didn't seem to matter because that plane was delayed by 30 minutes too.

So after all the delays Jack finally got to take William on his first flight and he was a little nervous. We eventually got to the Gold Coast and sat down to a hot dinner home cooked by Jules and Milk and bread waiting for us. Our room is spectacular and spacious and the resort is AMAZING!

Jules and Janette shouted me to a massage and facial and I was not to sure about the whole 'me' time and being spoilt but I absolutely loved it! Stu sat around reading his books and relaxing while the boys caught up on sleep.

The resort has 4 pools and Jack eventually turned into a prune and didn't want to leave the water for anyone.

William explored the playground when he wasn't trying to dive into the water face first.

Jack's favourite place is these stepping stones and rock bottom pools. They are as warm as the bath. He couldn't stop smiling!

They were also big fans of the spas. There 2 gigantic spas.


Jack was so excited to find Beth, Grace and Sam. They have been playing together all day and have had the time of their lives.

William still hasn't stopped grinning since the trifle!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Motbey Christmas #2

These two were happy to see each other again for the third day running.

More cousins came for MORE Christmas fun.

Below are all of Nan's grandchildren.
Tori came along for the Christmas fun too.

Me and my Boyz

And these are the smaller grandchildren and the great grandchildren. We tortured them trying to get a photo with everyone looking but in years to come we'll look back and this and how small they were and how much they will have grown.

They had another awesome day, spoilt with presents and love. And William had some more triffle.

Christmas Day

Jack set up the sign and turned the lights on. He put the carrot out for the reindeer and some coke and cookies for Santa. He had about 5 million questions about how and when Santa would deliver and how Baby Jesus and God were involved. Even after a whole month of preparations he still had so. many. questions!

He slept in until after 7 but ran straight into the lounge room and called for us to see. Santa had been and he has never been so excited in his life! All Jack wanted for Christmas was a telescope and he got one and you should have seen his EYES when he opened it!

William loved his little trolley and he got a block trolley from Santa too. William was super excited and pushed his new toys around all morning.

We took a 4 tier black forest cake to Grandpa's house. It was soaked with brandy and had layers of belgium chocolate mousse, 1kg of candied cherries and vanilla cream. Topped with ganache and fresh cherries. It was the best Christmas cake ever!

William was excited to have milk and a cookie for morning tea.

He even helped Grandpa with the dishes.

Duncan boys 2010

After a sleep we went to Nanna's and Pop's place and opened more and more presents!

Oscar's Drum Set was the favourite toy of the day and Jack and Molly played Jingle Bells.

We had another hot lunch and Oscar and William loved it.

The Motbey's 2010

Loretta and Carmen came and showered us with even more presents.

Pop was exhausted from a very early start.

Jack and William had the best and most magical Christmas. We were all very spoilt and are so, so lucky!

And William LOVES trifle!