Wednesday, December 29, 2010


After our first flight was canceled we went home and came back the next day. The boys eventually fell asleep waiting for the plane which was delayed by an hour leaving a very short connection time in Sydney but that didn't seem to matter because that plane was delayed by 30 minutes too.

So after all the delays Jack finally got to take William on his first flight and he was a little nervous. We eventually got to the Gold Coast and sat down to a hot dinner home cooked by Jules and Milk and bread waiting for us. Our room is spectacular and spacious and the resort is AMAZING!

Jules and Janette shouted me to a massage and facial and I was not to sure about the whole 'me' time and being spoilt but I absolutely loved it! Stu sat around reading his books and relaxing while the boys caught up on sleep.

The resort has 4 pools and Jack eventually turned into a prune and didn't want to leave the water for anyone.

William explored the playground when he wasn't trying to dive into the water face first.

Jack's favourite place is these stepping stones and rock bottom pools. They are as warm as the bath. He couldn't stop smiling!

They were also big fans of the spas. There 2 gigantic spas.


Jack was so excited to find Beth, Grace and Sam. They have been playing together all day and have had the time of their lives.

William still hasn't stopped grinning since the trifle!

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