Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back to work

"But why are you going to work again Mum?"

Jack has asked me this every day since Tuesday. I'm yet to come up with a really good answer but there has obviously been some adjustment for Jack and William this week. Poor William has his first ear infection, conjunctivitus and a terrible cough. He has had a miserable week but luckily has had extra cuddles with the people he loves the second best, Nanna, Aunty Ren and Uncle Mike and of course Dad.

Strawberries in the shopping trolley

Jack has been spoilt with a visit to Santa, hot chip lunches, craft with Dad and then I get home and after the excitement of telling me about his day he has a melt down. Tori has been a great companion for the boys and keeps them entertained while I try to cook dinner. They are all so exhausted they have been asleep by 8 every night. The mum hasn't been too far behind.

Picking up Jack and his best friend from Nanna's place.
William hasn't been the only sick one this week. Mum and Dad have had the terrible cold too. It's been a long week!

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