Saturday, December 18, 2010


Jack is such a great kid when it's time for William to have a morning nap he gets the craft table out and colours and cuts and pastes for over an hour while I clean the house and do the washing.

Tori knows when it's dinner time and she just loves her new dog house.

It's great to be able to eat outside and Jack chats over the fence to the neighbours until he serves dinner to himself and William.

William makes less mess than a few months ago but with the help of a bucket bib, a non spill cup and a suction bowl. Of couse Tori is more than willing to pick up any mess that may be purposefully thrown overboard.

It's the normal, everyday stuff that is so much more entertaining with William around.

Jack is quite literally shocked by William's table manners. "MUM, he chucked some pasta on the floor and Tori is eating it!" *Followed by them both giggling hysterically*

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