Friday, December 31, 2010

TOP 10 Favourtie Moments from 2010

1. Jack's 3rd Birthday Pool Party

2. William Gregory Duncan is born

3. William's Christening

4. Jack gets rid of his tonsils and doesn't get sick again!

4. Stu gets a 4WD for his birthday and we go for picnics and drive around the Brindabellas

5. Jack wins the cover of the Canberra Weekly

5. William learns to crawl and then to walk. He is a fast mover.

6. Being off work for the year means that mum can visit playgroup every week and go to the Hall markets every month. William and I also get to enjoy coffee with Elizabeth, Sam and Kieran at least weekly.

7. Urban Family dinners at the labour club.

8. Jack starts soccer and he is mad about it!

8. William's first Christmas and the best black forest cake we ever tasted!

10. Family holiday to the gold coast

11. Had to add another spot for Tori! We love that dog!

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