Thursday, December 16, 2010

Green Thumbs

The first red cherry tomato and see the mint in the back on the left. We'll be drinking mojitos for the next 10 years!

We have had some strange weather over the past few months. While Queanbeyan river was flooded our garden just soaked it all up. The backyard have never looked so lush and green since we moved in. The grass is so soft the boys can roll around on it. The trees have grown higher and fuller and I've had to do a lot of pruning to keep it all under

The potatoes have finally come up and the Chilli is taking off.

The rest of the garden is growing like crazy!

And when I asked Jack to bring up the bins this afternoon he said, "Ok, cool mum. I can do that!"

This is his favourite job. I hope he is still so eager to help when he is 15.

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