Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fishing weekend

William helped to make these decadent choc chip, macadamia, date and almond cookies to take down to Nan and Pop in Bemboka. The boys were excited to see the chooks and particularly "Spring" the black chicken, and her 9 new babies. 

We went fishing in Tathra and caught some flat head. William caught one within 10 minutes of casting his line out. Again!

Jack went for a swim in the hotel pool before we headed off to meet the Majors at the Eucumbene Trout Farm.  

The boys all caught their trout pretty quickly but it took over an hour for the rest of us to take our catch (2 per line.)

The picnic grounds at the Trout Farm were beautiful. They cleaned our fish and prepared it in foil with a mix of garlic, butter, chives and lemon. Stu then cooked it on the bbq for 8 minutes each side. We added chips, salad and drinks to make a delicious lunch. 

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