Wednesday, January 19, 2011

William wins

As you can see William has won the argument over the Dyson that was delivered for Jack's Birthday yesterday.

Jack thought it was hilarious that William was so in love with his vaccum that even touching it made William shriek. So after fighting it out and trying to teach William about sharing ALL DAY Jack just gave up. William is so in love with this vaccum that he cleaned all the floors before putting it safely beside his cot.

Jack had better things to do anyways. Here he is after setting up the worm farm which he also got for his birthday. He has 5 pet worms and he has names for them all. He gave them dinner and put them to bed. He was very worried when we left them at home to go to the corner shop and he wanted them to sleep beside him but mum has rules about worms. Worms stay outside!

William had spaghetti on toast for dinner. Do you think I could get a picture of his face today?

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