Monday, January 10, 2011

Thinking Back

Turning back the clock to this time last year and my feet were incredibly swollen. We enjoyed an amazing pool party for our big 3 year old boy and were filled with anxious excitement waiting for William to be born.

On his birth I cried at how beautiful and perfect he was. It really was love at first sight. Memory still serves me well though and I can't help but remember the first 3 weeks of sleepless nights, more swelling, pain, healing and exhaustion.

This time we knew he would change our lives but we never imagined our boys would become the best of friends. They are always holding hands in the car. Jack sings and William dances to his songs. They wrestle on the carpet and William runs after Jack wherever he goes. It's beautiful to see them always snuggling together with dad on the couch after dinner.

Our boy will be one year old in just 2 days. I'm glad he's not a newborn needing 3 hourly feeds anymore but he is growing way too fast.

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