Thursday, January 27, 2011

William steals his first kiss

Maryanne and Elizabeth dropped by this afternoon. After finishing his afternoon tea William toddled up to Elizabeth, bent down to her level and kissed her right on the lips and then ran off. Moments after that he took the play phone and held it to his ear and walked around the house talking to the phone. He is acting like a teenager already!

Jack is still exhausted after having an allergic reaction to some food after his birthday. He came up in hives and had to have a course of antihistamines, steroids and cortisone to heal his skin. He was so good and sat very still for his allergy test which showed he is allergic to peanuts, prawns, cows milk, chicken and corn. They all made him very itchy! So the combination of peanut butter toast, prawn cocktails and iced chocolate for his birthday set off a reaction. WE POISONED OUR SON FOR HIS BIRTHDAY.

This afternoon he told me he didn't need a nap so I let him watch tv. 5 minutes later he was sound asleep. I can't remember him EVER falling asleep on the couch before so he must be truly exhausted.

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