Sunday, January 16, 2011

William's 4WD adventure

There was no doubt William had a great time 4WD'ing down to Flea Creek. Jack and Molly were holding hands in the back seat while William clapped his hands and sat up to see out the window.

Aunty Rach was proud of her yabby and screamed like a girl as she brought it up for the kids to see.

Jack and Dad built a fire and cooked a sausage sizzle for lunch.

And then of course the 4WD cake was a big hit with the boys. When we first showed it to him he said, 'What's this? Car!'

While the oldies sat around drinking cups of tea and taking a nap the kids ran in and out of the creek.

The birthday boy was all worn out and slept under a gum tree while his big brother went looking to catch the big one.

They had an awesome time and it was something special that Molly and Oscar could come all the way from Victoria to join the fun.

William was totally loved and spoilt today.
Thanks so much for his pressies and for spending the day with the Duncans!

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