Monday, July 18, 2011

For Stu

We miss you SO MUCH!

Thank you for leaving us with a clean fish tank. It's better than ever. Hopefully we'll find time to get some more fish before you get home.

William has been so funny for the last few days when it's time to kiss everyone goodnight he looks around the house for Dad to say goodnight. Aunty Erin came over for dinner last night. You would have been proud of Jack eating all his spinach. Jack and I made spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni and it was delish!

This morning there were pancakes and baby chinos for breakfast as it was pouring with rain and only 3C outside.

We had boring sandwiches for lunch but then we made these for afternoon tea and some to take to Blake's house tomorrow.

We were so glad to finally talk to you on skype yesterday and today. We are crossing the days off until you come home and Jack has his world map so he knows where 'Amerwica' is.

We have been taking Tori for a walk every afternoon to see the ducks. Today we stopped by the park too.

LOVE Bec, Jack & Will

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