Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't stop GO GO GO

The boys have been so busy this term. It's nothing short of a miracle that Jack is actually swimming after only starting again this term after a long break. He is so happy to go to lessons and his teacher is wonderful.

William has been much happier since his childcare worker came back from a holiday and his toe healed from an ingrown toe nail which needed 2 courses of antibiotics. He waved 'bye ma' this morning with a happy face and he is always excited to go and play with the other kids. The photo below is a bit cheeky. After throwing his dummy away at the markets he screamed all the way the the chemist (an agonising 10 minute drive) where we got him a new dummy and a spare. He was so relieved that he shoved both of them in at once. I see an addiction starting to emerge.

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