Thursday, July 21, 2011



They had a great time at Questacon. Jack was ok with the thunder but the earthquake house made him quiet.

William didn't go quiet once. He ran around the place like he owned it. It was a good thing that Jules and Janet were there to show Jack the exhibits because I spent the whole time following William so he could randomly press every button he could find.

They all had a good turn of the hover craft but William didn't enjoy it until he had it to himself.

Jack was very excited to find these giant telescopes. 'I've got one of these.' I still don't get why he loves them so much.

William loved it. Every minute.

Jack was absorbing the information, learning and yelling out to, 'Bethany. Come check this out!'

We had a great time but missed you heaps. Tomorrow is The Gruffalo. Very excited about that!

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