Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dole Pine Plantation & Haleiwa Shrimp and Shaved Ice

It took just over an hour navigating some pretty crazy highways to get to the Dole Pineapple Plantation and Garden maze. It really was a-MAZE-ing. The maze is cleverly crafted by hundreds of beautiful Hawaiian plants.

William was munching on an apple when his wobbly front tooth fell out. He was pretty excited but a bit surprised. The others ran off while he demanded to sit down. He was feeling a bit unwell but it wasn't long before he was ready to race around and clear all the check points.

The maze was super hot 100F. Apparently chickens and pineapples don't mind the heat. 

We took a little train ride through the plantation which included plenty of different varieties of tropical fruits. There was sugar cane, bananas, lychees, rambutan, jack fruit, mangoes and a few pineapple too.

Funnily the best view of the pineapple plantation was just on the side of the road outside the Dole Plantation Tourist attraction. 

Stu was pretty happy that we finally made it to a Shrimp van and it was everything he dreamed it would be. The service was fast and the shrimp were fresh. A few wild chickens ran around our feet while we dined under Macky's umbrellas.

After the shrimp experience we drove through the little North shore town of Heleiwa where we found some shaved ice. The sugar hit was just what we needed! Stu found some mochi with ice cream centres and everyone was happy and a little cooler. 

 We avoided any traffic jams on the way home and jumped straight into the ocean. The sunset backdrop was priceless and the boys had a fabulous time. William was a very confident swimmer with the snorkel and no floaties on and Sam even spotted a fish.

For dinner we dined at Cheese Burger Paradise. The cheese burgers were great and there were more televisions than we could even count. On the way back to the hotel Sam's first tooth also fell out. Juliette checked at the reception if the tooth fairy would be able to enter the hotel and it was all ok.

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