Monday, October 12, 2015

Pearl Harbour

We woke up before sunrise for the first tour of the day out to Pearl Harbour. Jack is just the right age to understand and appreciate the devistation and hardship or war and William is just the right age to appreciate the battleships and planes. 

We watched a short film about what happened on the day that Japan bombed the US battleships in Pearl Harbour and then we took a boat ride out to see the Arizona which sunk with 1700 men still trapped inside. It's still leaking oil even 74 years later. We were able to see tropical fish swimming in the water and then we jumped on another ferry back to shore. There was a respectful silence over the ship as we remembered the soldiers that died.

William and Stuart made paper cranes for peace just outside the gift shop. It was a lovely way to end our tour that symbolised hope.

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